Top 3 Reason Why You’ve Seen Yamraj In Dream

Dreaming is a natural phenomenon that we all experience while sleeping, but sometimes we also see some strange things in our dreams that are beyond our understanding. One such thing is seeing Yamraj in a dream. Lord Yama, or popularly known as Yamraj is the Hindu god of death, justice, and dharma. 

He is the one responsible for capturing, punishing, and purifying all souls, including the most sinful ones in his adobe, called Naraka (नरक). Naraka is the Hindu equivalent of hell in Christianity, where sinners get punishment for their bad life’s karma.

Now you might have got the sense, why people who saw Yamraja in their dream often get worried. Because it’s the god of death himself who appears in their dream, which might be indicating a possible future incident that would probably not be associated with good things.

Although, interpreting dreams with the utmost accuracy is not something that I can tell you without knowing your recent activities and their intertwined connection with the dream you have seen. Therefore, I have listed the top three common reasons why people often see Lord Yama in their dreams.

Seeing Yama In Dream Is Not Bad Thing

In the Vedic tradition, there is an ancient science called Sapna Shastra, or, सपना शास्त्र which elaborates on the hidden signs and meanings of various dreams. Sapna Shastra is one of those ancient texts whose influence has long faded from the mainstream teaching of Vedic science. 

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However, some people use this knowledge to predict possible future events simply by interpreting what they see in their dreams. According to them, there are mainly two types of dreams. One that indicates positive events and another that warns of a negative future outcome. 

Seeing yamraj doesn’t directly fall under the category of negative types of dreams. In fact, it’s believed that seeing Yamraj is a good thing if you’ve not done any significant bad things. For good people who are pure in heart, and try to live a spiritual life, seeing Lord Yama in their dream is a sign of auspiciousness. The same cannot be said for those who knowingly engaged in bad karmas. 

For them, it’s a direct sign that their time on this earth has come to an end, and Yamraj will soon play a maya to capture their souls and take them back to the place where the purification of sinful souls takes place. Therefore, seeing Yamraj in a dream is not necessarily a bad thing, and its actual meaning varies depending on how you saw him.

Seeing Yama Laugh In Dream

According to the Sapna Shastra, seeing Yamraj laugh in your dream is a bad sign. These types of dreams where you see Yamraj laughing at you, or angry with you, are not at all a good thing. It’s possibly an indication that some mishap is going to happen to you where your life or health will be in danger.

People say that if you’re involved in bad karma and you’re fully aware of this, then seeing Yamraj laughing at you is a direct message that you are on your way out of this world for afterlife punishments.

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Seeing Yama Call You In Dream

If you’ve been suffering for a long time with a disease, seeing Yamraj in your dream where he’s calling you is a good sign. According to Sapna Shastra, seeing Lord Yama call you with care foretells of your impending good health.

You should not be afraid of this type of dream. In fact, it’s believed that seeing Lord Yama call your name in a dream increases your chances of living a longer life.

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