5 Mysterious UFO Sightings In India

Unidentified flying objects or UFOs are one of the most intriguing yet extremely controversial topics to discuss. Because almost all the time, the reported sightings of potential UFOs are proven to be fake, when later investigated. 

This means the recorded videos or images that are shown in the news, claiming the connection between extraterrestrial life and the existence of UFOs, are either heavily edited or made with the help of the advancement of CGI (computer-generated imagery).

However, it doesn’t matter if you either fall into the category of skeptics or believers, one thing is crystal clear. The increasing number of UFO sightings across the globe is very real. Even various surveys conducted from time to time, suggest that more than 70,000 of these phenomena are reported worldwide every single year.

While the bulk of these phenomena often comes from outside of India, it still has its fair number of alleged sightings of UFOs in recent decades. So, here are the top 5 UFO sightings in India, that you know nothing about.

UFO Sighted In Ladakh

In 2012, A team of five ISRO scientists reported having seen a mysterious object flying around the valley of Himachal Pradesh. They claimed to have seen a balloon-shaped Unidentified flying object, much like a snowman out of the X-files.

A few days after the news got circulated in the mainstream media, many army officials also admitted that they had also witnessed the exact looking thing many times in the region.

One of the scientists from the team said in an interview that the object had a cylindrical-shaped body of 3 to 4 ft high, with hands and legs like a human being. The object was gliding up and down by the mountain slope before fading into the sky.

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UFO Flying Over Lucknow

A Lucknow resident named Amit Tripathi, who lived in the Rajajipuram (Raja-ji-puram) E-block, sector 11, was sitting on his balcony while taking pictures of the beautiful sunset with his smartphone when he spotted a mysterious shiny object on his screen hovering beside the golden sun.

He then quickly took some images of the object before it disappeared in thin air. When asked, he said to the reporters that the object was very shiny and rounded in shape. When he was taking images of it, the object went straight up from the ground and hovered beside the sun for around 40 seconds before it disappeared.

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UFO Hovering In The Sky Near Pune

Mahima Chaudhary who was an experienced commercial airline pilot, reported a mysterious object hovering at 26,300 feet in the sky above the Pune. She was on her way to Ahmedabad from Pune when spotted the UFO at 12:45 hours.

According to her, the unidentified flying object was hovering at 310 degrees and moving along with the airplane for 30 seconds before it disappeared.

She claimed to have informed the watch supervisory officer at Mumbai Air Traffic Control about the incident with the UFO. But when asked, Mumbai ATC (Air Traffic Control ) and DGCA (The Directorate General of Civil Aviation) said that they have no information about this happening.

Flying Saucer Caught On Camera In Kanpur

In 2015, a boy from Kanpur was taking pictures of clouds floating in the sky above his house. Later when he was going through the pictures he took, he was shocked to spot a flying saucer in some of his photos. Terrified, the boy quickly alerts his parents about the incident.

When asked by the reporters, the boy said that he likes nature photography. And when he saw clouds in the sky forming various shapes, he started clicking pictures of them with his cell phone. The boy added that he could not see the Flying Saucer at the time of taking pictures, as the bright sunlight was reflecting the screen.

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UFO Spotted Over Junagadh And Jamnagar

As of writing this article (June 21, 2021), the latest news is coming up from Gujarat’s Junagadh and Jamnagar that its surrounding areas were taken by a mysterious row of bright red light, blinking and gliding across the sky. Many people from the region witnessed this strange phenomenon.

Some even recorded the event on their cell phones. Social media is now flooded with the taken images and videos of the mysterious lights. The Advisor Of Gujarat Council Of Science And Technology.

Narottam Sahoo refused the speculation of possible UFO sighting and said that some satellite might have been passing through the low earth orbit which could have caused the mysterious lighting to form.

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