5 Important Disciplines For Your Spiritual Growth In Hinduism

The popular notion of yoga that is often propagated to our minds through the online media doesn’t actually define the true nature of what yoga is. Although the world is slowly recognising the effectiveness of practicing yoga for a better and healthier life, it has failed to realize the root essence of yogic culture. Yoga Is Not About Physical Exercise…


Top 5 Rules Of Brahmacharya You Must Practice

In the yogic tradition, Brahmacharya is an essential step to having total control over the body and mind. Despite its numerous benefits, the average person finds it difficult to practice in real life due to the strict rule of controlling one’s avoidable sensory impulses. It’s no mystery that today’s society makes practicing Brahmacharya extremely difficult. However, as Lord Krishna said,…


Rama Ashtakam Stotram Lyrics In English With Meaning

Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the entire cosmic universe. All the avatars of Lord Vishnu, including Lord Rama thereby, were born to protect dharma (cosmic law and order) on earth.  Rama Ashtakam is a stotram written by Sage Vyas in the praise of Lord Rama and his divine legends. It’s very soothing to…