18 Names Of Hindu Puranas (With PDF Downloads)

Most of the present-day Hinduism is directly or indirectly based on the legends written in the Puranas. It is a vast collection of ancient literature (originally written in Sanskrit) covering a wide range of subjects, especially the stories of the various gods and deities in Hinduism. The Puranas were composed in the post-Mahabharata period. Because not all the sections of…


Top 5 Differences Between Smriti & Shruti | Hindu Scriptures

The ancient Vedic literature is largely divided into two sections, one called “Shruti” and the other “Smriti”. Shruti is often considered the original knowledge of self or brahman, making it the ultimate authority in Hinduism, whereas Smriti is the interpretation given to Shruti by great sages of the time. Shruti vs Smriti The entire sacred texts of Hinduism’s core corpus…