Top 7 Signs Indicate Lord Shiva May Be With You

When we first glimpse Lord Shiva, he might seem like the ultimate deity of destruction, a force whose fury we’d rather not witness. But there’s more to him than meets the eye. He’s also known as an epitome of kindness, often referred to as “Bholenath,” which translates to “Lord of Innocence.”

You can find evidence of his benevolence in numerous mythological texts, where he grants boons even to those with less-than-pure intentions. Perhaps that’s why he holds a special place in the hearts of millions. From blogs to YouTube videos, from television shows to local magazines, there’s no shortage of content dedicated to him.

Understanding his significance in Hinduism is not too challenging; he’s an integral part of it, caring more about your devotion than anything else. So, if you’re a dedicated devotee of Lord Shiva and experience the following signs, it’s likely that he’s walking with you through life’s challenges:

Everything Becomes Equal In Your Eyes

When you begin to see that everything in this world has its purpose, you’re on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Devotees of Lord Shiva can be quite diverse, even exhibiting contrasting traits at times. But what unites them is the realization that nothing is purely good or impure; everything in existence has a reason.

As your emptiness, restlessness, and hollowness fade, and everything becomes equal in your eyes, it’s a sign that Lord Shiva approves of your progress in grasping the ultimate truth.

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Embracing a Sattvic Lifestyle

Living healthily and adopting a sattvic lifestyle are essential in any yogic practice. When you devote your life to Lord Shiva, you naturally embrace the simplicity of this lifestyle. As you follow its rituals correctly, you’ll find yourself feeling more positive and energetic throughout the day.

“Sattvic” comes from the Sanskrit word “Sattva,” meaning pure and clear. When living a quality sattvic lifestyle feels entirely natural to you, not something forced upon you, it’s a sign of your closeness to Lord Shiva.

Radiating Positivity

Devotees who lead lives steeped in devotion tend to radiate positivity consistently. They become so immersed in their unconditional love for their God that the mundane events around them hardly affect their outlook. This liberates them from the negativity that often surrounds others. If you find yourself in this state, Lord Shiva’s grace may indeed be upon you.

Love for Animals

If you’ve been a long-time devotee of Shiva, you might notice that a deep love for animals has become second nature to you. When you come across a lifeless creature on the roadside, you feel a sense of sadness and offer a prayer for its soul. The thought of animals suffering deeply troubles you.

If you regularly provide food to street animals and appreciate the greatness of nature in all living beings, it’s highly likely that Lord Shiva’s blessings are upon you.

The Weight of Honesty

As a devotee of Lord Shiva, a sense of morality begins to develop within you. You start avoiding actions that go against your moral compass. Lying, for example, becomes something you only resort to when absolutely necessary and when it doesn’t harm anyone.

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However, when you do bend the truth, a sense of guilt washes over you. If you’ve experienced this, it might be a sign that Lord Shiva acknowledges your devotion.

Diminished Materialistic Desires

Those on the spiritual path often find their attraction to material possessions dwindling. New trends, whether it’s a fancy car, owning a house, or other luxuries, no longer captivate them. Beyond a certain threshold of comfort, owning more things doesn’t equate to greater happiness. This doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a monk and forsaking life’s pleasures; it’s more about recognizing what truly matters.

Emphasis on Spiritual Growth

Spiritual progress takes precedence as you delve deeper into your journey. Attachment to material possessions can cloud the mind’s serenity, hindering your ability to cultivate a divine connection with your deity. The saying “The things you own eventually end up owning you” rings true here.

Waning Interest in Lavish Lifestyles

When Lord Shiva walks alongside you, the pull of materialism fades. Worries about financial matters recede as your focus unconsciously shifts toward achieving spiritual liberation. The allure of a lavish lifestyle and the pursuit of expensive possessions lose their luster. This may be a sign that your years of unwavering devotion to Lord Shiva have borne fruit.

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