Top 7 Signs Indicate Lord Shiva May Be With You

At first glance, Lord Shiva appears to be the ultimate god of destruction, whose rage no one wants to witness. It is not, however, Lord Shiva’s only quality; he is also revered as an epitome of benevolence and one of the easiest deities to please. As a result, he is often called Bholenath, which translates as “Lord of Innocence”.

The evidence can be found in numerous mythological texts, where he’s seen granting boons to devotees of evil intentions. Perhaps this is why he has earned a special place in the hearts of millions. From blogs to YouTube videos, from television shows to local magazines, you can find an abundance of content about him.

Therefore, it’s not that hard to understand his significance and the role he plays in the fundamental beliefs of Hinduism as an inseparable part of it. This makes him stand out from the crowd of other gods and goddesses, as he seems to not care about anything as long as you follow his teachings. 

Thus, if you are an adorned devotee of Lord Shiva and experience the following signs, chances are he is with you, holding your hand through your life’s difficulties.

Everything Becomes Equal In Your Eyes

Everything in this world has its own purpose of existence, and when you see this fundamental truth, you’re right on the path of seeking spiritual enlightenment. The devotees of Lord Shiva can be very different, even having opposing traits at times.

But the thing that makes them connected to Shiva is their realization that nothing is made impure or pure. Everything that is born or created has a reason.

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Thus, your emptiness, restlessness, and hollowness will be gone when everything becomes equal in your eyes. This is one of the many signs that might indicate Lord Shiva is pleased by your advancement in realizing the truth.

You Accept Sattvic Lifestyle

Eating healthy and living a sattvic lifestyle are essential in any yogic practice. Therefore, devoting your life to Lord Shiva also makes you accept living and embrace the simplicity of a sattvic lifestyle. When you start to follow its rituals correctly, you feel more positive and energetic throughout the day. 

The term “Sattvic” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sattva”, which means pure and clear. So, when you think living a quality sattvic lifestyle is completely natural to you, or it’s not something that is forced upon you, then it could be a sign of the closeness you share with Lord Shiva.

You Stay Positive All Time

When a person starts living a life full of devotion, they naturally tend to stay positive all the time. They become so engrossed in their unconditional love for their God that they easily lose sight of the mundane events taking place around them.

And this makes them free of all that negativity that a normal person feels surrounded by. If you can relate to this, Lord Shiva’s grace might be upon you.

You Start Loving Animals

If you’re a long-time Shiva devotee, then loving animals might have become your second nature. When you see a dead animal lying on the side of a road, you feel sad and pray for its soul. You cannot bear the thought of an animal being tortured.

If you offer food to street animals whenever possible, and you can see the greatness of nature in all living beings, then the possibilities are high that Lord Shiva’s blessing could be upon you.

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You Feel Ashamed When Lying

When you become a devotee of Lord Shiva, a sense of morality slowly comes into you. You start to avoid doing things that are morally incorrect. Lying about something also falls under this, and you only lie when it’s necessary or directly doesn’t harm anyone.

However, when you do it, a feeling of guilt prevails. If you can relate to this kind of situation, heads up! This could be a sign that Lord Shiva is pleased with your devotion.

You Lose The Materialistic Attraction

People on the path of living a spiritual life often experience a lack of materialistic attraction. New trending things, be it a new car, owning a house, or anything else, simply don’t woo them anymore.

Because beyond a minimum threshold of poverty, owning more things couldn’t make a person happier. However, that doesn’t mean becoming a monk, and abstaining from all of life’s pleasures is what it takes to live happily.

Spiritual Progress Becomes More Important

But it’s a common phenomenon that we see with people getting more involved in spiritual enlightenment. It’s said that attachment to materialistic things gets in the way of the peacefulness of the mind, making one unable to establish a divine relationship with their god. There is a famous saying proving just that. “The things you own eventually end up owning you”.

You Lose Interest In Lavish Lifestyles

Thus, when Lord Shiva holds your hands, you can suddenly feel the lack of materialistic attraction. You begin to stop worrying about your financial problems as your focus shifts unconsciously to attain salvation.

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You lose interest in a lavish lifestyle and the enjoyment of owning expensive items. This may be a sign that your years of unconditional devotion towards Lord Shiva have come to fruition.

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Great Article but I wanted to just say Lord Shiva is with everyone! These are signs of your realization the Lord Shiva has been with you this whole time. Om Namah Shivaya!