Top 13 Powerful Sanskrit Quotes With English Meaning

Sanskrit is indeed one of the world’s oldest languages, boasting an ancient lineage that has served as a means of verbal communication and expression of intricate thoughts throughout human civilization’s history. Modern science is increasingly recognizing its potential as the most suitable language for conveying scientific ideas with exceptional precision and clarity.

The strength of Sanskrit within scientific communities can be attributed, in part, to its near-perfect grammar, which is both logically structured and easy to comprehend. For millennia, during the Vedic period, Sanskrit served as the unifying language across the entire Indian subcontinent, fostering trade, education, innovation, and various other facets of life.

As the oldest language, Sanskrit is a treasure trove of boundless knowledge and wisdom that remains to be fully unearthed in our contemporary era. This is why we have compiled a list of the top thirteen powerful Sanskrit quotes, each imparting invaluable lessons that have withstood the test of time since ancient days.

न कालमतिवर्तन्ते महान्तः स्वेषु कर्मसु।

Meaning: Great people never delay their duties.

अश्वस्य भूषणं वेगो मत्तं स्याद् गजभूषणं।
चातुर्यम् भूषणं नार्या उद्योगो नरभूषणं॥

Meaning: The beauty of a horse is in his speed, and the beauty of an elephant is in his majestic gait, which resembles that of a drunken person. Women are praised and rewarded for their abilities, while men are praised and rewarded for their hard work.

विद्या मित्रं प्रवासेषु भार्या मित्रं गॄहेषु च।
व्याधितस्यौषधं मित्रं धर्माे मित्रं मॄतस्य च ॥

Meaning: In the journey of life, knowledge is your best friend. At home, your wife is your best friend. When you are sick, medicine is your friend, but only Dharma (good deeds done on the righteous path) is a friend even after death.

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यत् भावो – तत् भवति

Meaning: You become what you believe.

यथो हस्तः तथो द्रष्टिः – यथो द्रष्ठिः तथो मनः।
यथो मनः तथो भावा – यथो भावा तथो रसः॥

Meaning: Where your hands go, your eyes must follow. Where your eyes go, your mind must follow. Where your mind goes, the expressions must follow, and where the expressions go, the emotions will follow.

परोपकारार्थं इदं शरीरं

Meaning: This life is to help others.

कोकिलानम् स्वरो रूपं स्त्रीणां रूपं पतिव्रतम् ।
विद्या रूप कुरुपाणां क्षमा रूपं तपस्विनाम्॥

Meaning: A nightingale is recognised by its sweet voice, a woman by her devotion to her husband, ugly people are recognised for their knowledge, and sages are recognised for their patience and strict self-discipline.

अस्माकं कार्याणि अस्मान्सावधीकरिष्यंति।

Meaning: Only action will define us.

कुलस्यार्थे त्यजेदेकं ग्रामस्यार्थे कुलं त्यजेत्।
ग्रामं जनपदस्यार्थे आत्मार्थे पृथिवीं त्यजेत्॥

Meaning: One should give up self-interests for the sake of one’s family, one’s family for the sake of one’s town and town members, one’s town and town members for the sake of one’s nation, and the entire earth for the sake of one’s soul enlightenment.

शक्तिः दुर्दम्येच्छाशक्त्याः आगच्छति।

Meaning: Strength comes from an indomitable will.

नातिक्रान्तानि शोचेत प्रस्तुतान्यनागतानि चित्यानि।

Meaning: One should not dwell on the past. Only the present and future should be considered. 

विद्या ददाति विनयं विनयाद्याति पात्रताम्।
पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्नोति धनाद्धर्मं ततः सुखम्॥

Meaning: Knowledge brings discipline, and discipline brings worthiness, and worthiness brings wealth, and wealth brings good deeds, and good deeds bring joy.

यथा चित्तं तथा वाचो यथा वाचस्तथा क्रिया।
चित्ते वाचि क्रियायां च साधूनामेकरूपता॥

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Meaning: As is the mind, so is the speech; as is the speech so is the action. There is consistency in the thoughts, words, and actions of good people. ​

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