Top 11 Mega Dams In India For Fresh Water Supply

There are over 5,200 dams spread across different states in India, which prevent floods and help supply the stored water for irrigation facilities. These dams are also used for industrial and domestic purposes. From providing clean drinking water to the people, to producing hydro-powered electricity, the usage of dams is countless and can not be limited by these given examples. …


Top 11 Mega Projects In India That Are Now Successfully Completed

India has recently increased its efforts to complete several mega projects on time in order to boost the nation’s infrastructure development and robust connectivity. According to a global construction report, India will overtake the United States and China as the world’s third-largest construction markets by 2022. For decades, the country has been hard at work on a slew of mega-projects….


Satyanarayan Aarti Lyrics In English With Meaning

Chanting of Satyanarayan aarti is believed to bring success and growth into one’s life. The aarti is performed during worshiping the Lord Vishnu, aka Shree Satyanarayan. He is widely known for his association with preserving the universe. Thus he’s also called the god of prosperity and preserver. The Benefits Of Chanting Satyanarayan Aarti It teaches about self-purification, and helps you…


Top 11 Species Of Indian Snakes That Are Insanely Poisonous

India is not just a country, rather a miniature version of an entire continent, holding a large and diverse biosphere of animal species. In the biosphere there are roughly 270 species of snakes living in dark and deep forests. Sixty of them are recognized as being highly venomous. They cause an estimated 45,000 snakebite-related deaths each year. King cobra The…

Top 9 Long Mileage Electric Scooters In India – 1km/28 Paisa

Recently, in India, due to the COVID pandemic, fuel prices reached an all-time high since the last economic downturn. As a result of the dramatic increase in fuel prices, electric vehicles have finally emerged as a viable alternative to gasoline-powered motorcycles. The hassle-free ride and low maintenance of these e-scooters are making petrol-powered motorcycles obsolete to some extent. Ather 450X…


Top 7 Animal Headed Gods In Hindu Mythology

The concept of God first surfaced in the history of religion and culture shortly after humans began worshiping various forces of natural phenomena such as stars, rain, rivers, and animals. People in ancient India had no concept of gods or deities during the pre-Vedic period, which lasted from 2,800 to 1,900 B.C. They used to worship these natural forces solely…


Top 7 Hindu Gods Who Have Multiple Wives (But WHY)

Hinduism is the world’s third-largest religion, with over 1.3 billion active practitioners, the majority of whom live in India. This religion is very old and is thought to have begun around 2300 B.C., making it the oldest surviving religion to date. Hinduism has many fascinating cultures that make us wonder about it, such as the polygamy culture of Hindu deities….

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5 Lost Traditions Of India That Were Forcefully Destroyed

India is the land of the oldest civilization in the world with its numerous sets of cults, rituals, customs, and traditions. As the history of this land can be dated back to at least ten thousand years, it’s normal to have lost many of its original traditions. Today, these traditions have either been lost in time or disconnected from our…