Om Rajadhi Rajaya Mahabharat Shloka Lyrics

The Rajadhi Rajaya Sloka is a well-known Sanskrit hymn that holds a special place in Vedic tradition. In the past, royal priests would chant this sacred verse at the outset of a prince’s coronation, bestowing blessings and good wishes.

Interestingly, this famous sloka is actually a part of the Mantra Pushpam, a Vedic hymn typically recited towards the end of pujas when floral offerings are made to Hindu deities. You’ve likely encountered this mantra being sung by all the pujaris after a puja or yajna ceremony.

ॐ राजाधि राजाय प्रसह्य साहिने नमो वयं वैश्रवणाय कूर्महे।
समे कामान् काम कामाय मा कामेश्वरो वैश्रवणो दधातु।
कुबेराय वैश्रवणाय महाराजाय नमः॥

Oṃ rājādhi rājāya prasahya sāhine namo vayaṃ vaiśravaṇāya kūrmahe,
same kāmān kāma kāmāya mā kāmeśvaro vaiśravaṇo dadhātu,
kuberāya vaiśravaṇāya mahārājāya namaḥ.

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English Meaning: We offer our salutations unto the Lord, the king of kings, the satisfier of desires. May the Lord of desires give me, the seeker of desires, what I desire. Salutations unto the Lord, the great king, the Lord of wealth.

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