Mohini Mantra – Its Benefits & Rules (Vashikaran)

According to popular beliefs, there are some mantras used in tantrism that are said to have some kind of supernatural ability to gain control over someone. The Mohini mantra is one such famous mantra.

Practitioners of tantra vidya believe that if the required procedures of the mantra are followed with step-by-step accuracy, it can give them a certain type of mystic power that can be utilized to make anyone attracted to them.

This mohini mantra is especially popular among married women who want to make their husbands more attracted to them in order to have a happy married life. Although the mantra may assist one in gaining the power to attract others whose vibrational energy is similar to theirs, it does have a plethora of negative aspects hidden within it.

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The Origin Of Mohini Mantra

Although the Mohini mantra is seen as a part of the esoteric practices of tantrism, its origin can be traced back to the only female avatar of Lord Vishnu, called Mohini. As per the puranas, Mohini was so enchantingly beautiful that all the demons instantly became infatuated by her beauty.

Not only demons, but also devas lost their mind and overflowed with lust for her divine beauty. Mohini used her allure to entice the demons (asuras) into giving her the Amrita (or, the nectar of immortality), which she then distributed among the devas.

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It’s said that she was the pinnacle of female beauty that was never seen before. A single glance from her could madden any person, even sometimes leading them to their doom.

This is the only divine attraction from which even Lord Shiva couldn’t escape, and he too, was enslaved by her beauty. The Bhagavata Purana contains a detailed description of their relationship.

The word “Mohini” literally translates to – one who attracts or seduces. Therefore, the mantra associated with her also shares that exact divine and mystic power that can allure anyone if one can cast the mantra accurately.

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Benefits Of Mohini Mantra

  • The main goal of the mohini mantra is to attract someone to you. That someone could be anyone, including your partner, spouse, ex, or someone who doesn’t like you for no apparent reason.
  • Thus, when you fall in love with someone but are unable to win them naturally, you can use this mohini vashikaran mantra (also known as totka in hindu society) to persuade them to like you.
  • This mantra is said to influence the mind of the person on whom the mantra is cast, causing them to fall in love with you.
  • The mantra lasts forever, but if you notice the effect fading, you can repeat the mantra without any major consequences.
  • The mohini mantra has no negative effects by definition. Even though it falls under the tantric practices, it is regarded as a genuine vedic mantra that the average person can perform without much difficulty.
  • One of the most significant benefits of the mohini mantra is that it has an immediate effect if performed correctly. You will notice that the person on whom you have cast the mantra will become softer towards you.
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The Rules Of Mohini Mantra

There are various types of Mohini mantras available, each with its own set of rules and guidelines. Even though the rules are subtle, if ignored the outcome will not be as desired.

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“Om Namoh Bhagwate Sarwa Lokaan Mohye Mohye Swaha”

For this particular mantra you need to sit where your face is in the north direction. Then lightup eleven candles in front of you, and chant the mohini mantra in your mind for 1000 times while thinking about the person you want to get attracted to. Do this for 21 days for better results.

“Aum Namoh Namoh Siddhi Mohini Vashikaranam Namoh Namoh Swahaa”

You can chant this mantra every day while counting with a rosary. You must repeat the mantra one hundred times.

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