Top 9 Long Mileage Electric Scooters In India – 1km/28 Paisa

Recently, in India, due to the COVID pandemic, fuel prices reached an all-time high since the last economic downturn. As a result of the dramatic increase in fuel prices, electric vehicles have finally emerged as a viable alternative to gasoline-powered motorcycles. The hassle-free ride and low maintenance of these e-scooters are making petrol-powered motorcycles obsolete to some extent.

Ather 450X

The Ather 450X is an e-scooter manufactured by Ather Energy, a Bangalore-based company. The company was founded with ambition. The ambition of building an electric scooter with good performance and battery range without compromising on design or build quality. Surely, they have managed to accomplish this, as the futuristic and clean design has set the Ather 450X apart from the crowd of other e-scooters on the market.

Ather 450X

The Ather 450X is known for its efficient battery management system, as it can automatically re-tune the motor to develop power output even while riding. Its battery has a capacity of 2.9 kilowatt-hours, translating to an improved long-range battery mileage of 116 kilometers.

Range116kmTop Speed80kmph
Power3000wMax Torque25Nm
Charging Time ~5hKerb Weight108kg

Bajaj Chetak

The brand new Bajaj Chetak is an e-scooter made by a homegrown company, Bajaj Auto. The modern design of this new electric scooter is inspired by the legendary fuel-powered Chetak scooter, which was introduced in 1972. Unlike the old machine, however, this new Chetak is all about clean electric power and pollution-free rides.

Bajaj Chetak Specs

The scooter is powered by a 3.8kW motor that generates approximately 16 Nm of torque, which is quite low when compared to others in the segment. The riding comfort, on the other hand, is excellent. There are two riding modes available: eco, and sport. When you open the throttle, the sports mode produces the most power. However, it is not a fast-accelerating scooter.

Amperel Zeal

Amperel Zeal is the flagship yet affordable electric scooter from Ampere Vehicles, a Coimbatore-based startup. The Ampere Zeal is their most powerful electric scooter to date, and it delivers realistic city performance. The machine has a relatively low-powered motor (1.0 kW), making it unsuitable for pillion riding.

Amperel Zeal Specs

Some claim that the acceleration on this scooter is very sensitive, which you can feel while riding. It has the standard two modes: Eco and Sport. However, due to a low capacity battery, the scooter’s range is limited. Even in eco mode, it only travels 45–55 km on a single charge. However, the company claims a range of 80–90 km.

Range90kmTop Speed55kmph
Power1200wMax Torque19Nm
Charging Time ~4.5hKerb Weight78kg

Okinawa iPraise+

In terms of battery range, the Okinawa iPraise+ is the best electric scooter, with a claimed 139 km on a full charge. It also supports the first charging facility, which could cut charging time in half to 1-2 hours. In eco mode, the e-scooter can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h.

Okinawa iPraise+
Range110-139kmTop Speed45kmph
Power3300wMax Torque20Nm
Charging Time ~4.5hKerb Weight85kg

Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER

Many years ago, Hero Electric was one of the first Indian manufacturers to produce electric scooters. The company has an excellent reputation in the market, particularly among budget-conscious customers.

Thus, Hero has launched the Optima HS500 ER to meet the ever-increasing demand for e-scooters. Hero Motor Corporation’s entire electric scooter division has launched two electric scooter lines. They are divided into two types: low-speed e-scooters and high-speed e-scooters.

Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER

For the past six years, Hero’s Optima series has been the best-selling electric bike line. The Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER has an aerodynamic design and appears to be a standard scooter.

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It is propelled by a 600-watt motor that is capable of producing 1350 watts of peak power. Two high-performance portable lithium-ion batteries power the e-scooter. According to the company, the scooter has a range of up to 110 kilometers on a single full charge.

Range110kmTop Speed50kmph
Power1300wMax TorqueN/A
Charging Time ~4hKerb Weight85kg

Hero Electric Optima LA

Optima LA is also a product from Hero Electric. It is a low-powered e-scooter that’s specially designed for the daily city commute. Optima LA is one of the most affordable electric scooters in the Indian market.

Hero Electric Optima LA

It has a 250w hub motor that can achieve 25 km per hour of top speed. Because of the low speed, customers don’t require any driving license to ride. The company claims 50km of range on a single charge.

Range50-60kmTop Speed25kmph
Power250wMax TorqueN/A
Charging Time ~3.5hKerb Weight88kg

Benling India Falcon

The Falcon is Benling India’s best-selling low-speed electric scooter. This scooter has a hub motor mounted directly on the rear wheel. With a weight of only 66 kg, it is a relatively light e-scooter. 

Benling India Falcon Specs

The scooter’s low kerb weight allows it to travel 70-75 kilometers on a single charge. It comes with a portable battery that can be charged at home. The Benling India Falcon is an electric scooter that does not require registration or a license.

Range70kmTop Speed25kmph
Power250wMax TorqueN/A
Charging Time ~3.5hKerb Weight66kg

TVS iQube Electric

The iQube is an electric scooter from the TVS Company. The iQube has a simple yet elegant design that does not appear to be an electric scooter at first glance. It has the overall appearance of a traditional, petrol-powered scooter.

TVS iQube Electric

The iQube is powered by a hub-mounted motor with a peak power output of 4.4 kW. The e-throttle bike’s response is instant and linear. The scooter’s quick acceleration feature works in both economy and power modes. According to the company, it has a range of 70-75 kilometers on a full charge.

PURE EV Epluto 7G

Pure EV, an Indian startup based at IIT Hyderabad, created the Epluto 7G e-scooter. This is a fast electric scooter with a top speed of 60 km/h. It includes a detachable battery. The scooter’s design is straightforward. The Epluto 7G has three riding modes and a range of 90-120 km on a single charge.

Range90kmTop Speed60kmph
Power2500wMax Torque33Nm
Charging Time ~4.5hKerb Weight79kg
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