Why You Must Use Grammarly For Writing Blog Posts?

Good quality blog posts are essential for the success of a blog. Readers appreciate it when they read a well-written content that has no grammatical errors and is easy to understand.

But unfortunately, most bloggers often fail to write effectively without the needing help of a good grammar checking tool. We also call them proofreading software. However, both are basically the same.

Good proofreading software plays a big role in the writing profession, especially for the writers with English as their second language. This article will break down the main benefits of using Grammarly as one of the perfect writing aid available for all bloggers as well as content writers.

Why Should You Proofread Blog Posts?

Firstly, I would like to discuss why it’s very important to write blog posts without any grammatical mistakes. Then I’ll demonstrate how Grammarly premium can help you write perfect blog articles without a lot of mediocre grammatical errors.

#1. People Don’t Like Reading Article Without Proper Grammar

Writings with poor grammar have a few major downsides; people just don’t like to read them. If you want to keep your audience engaged with the article or even better make them read the entire content, then it’s time to seriously evaluate the grammatical aspect of your writings.

When you publish a new blog post or article with little to no grammatical mistake, it shows the audience that you care about the content you produce. It also increases the authenticity of the information, adding strength & authority to your writings.

#2. Hiring A Professional Editor Can Be Expensive

Humans are inevitable to make mistakes. It’s our very nature to do so. We have to keep in mind that average bloggers like you & I are not professional writers, and it’s okay to make mistakes. Heck, even professional writers make silly mistakes in their writings.

We don’t see those blunders in their books because they have the privilege to hire a professional proofreading editor. They edits the final copy and fixes all the wacky grammatical errors before it goes public.

But unfortunately, we (freelance content writers and new bloggers) don’t have the privilege of hiring a good proofreader. It’s pretty expensive and we can not bear the cost. The next big alternative we have is an online writing assistant tool like Grammarly.

#3. Website’s Bounce Rate Would Increase

If you run Google Analytics on your website then you might know of the bounce rate. It’s very useful to measure the audience interaction of your site. According to google’s answer, the bounce rate is the following:

Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions or the percentage of all sessions on your site in which users viewed only a single page and triggered only a single request to the Analytics server.Google Anwser

Heavy words right? Well it simply means how quickly a visitor leaves your site after landing on a page. Yoast has written a wonderful article on this topic to understand the bounce rate. For this reason, websites with poor quality content with a lot of grammatical errors would witness a higher bounce rate. Also it directly affects your monetization strategies.

Just think for a moment, how could you monetize your site effectively if a major chunk of all visitors leave the site as soon they land on a page? Thus a higher bounce rate directly affects the overall SEO of the site, which leads to a bad ranking in Google search.

#4. Google crawler might not understand your blog post

Google crawler is one kind of AI bot that visits (crawling in SEO term) links after links on the internet. When it visits your page it simply collects and analyzes the content you wrote.

If your written article contains lots of grammatical errors then the crawler might misinterpret the actual context or meaning of the content. When it happens, the blog post might face a hard time ranking well on it’s primary keywords.

These are the main disadvantages I can think of for not using a good proofreading software. Now, let’s talk about the features Grammarly offers that could help you write perfect and error free blog articles for your site.

What Are the Main Features Grammarly Offers?

In recent years Grammarly has become very popular among bloggers and freelance content writers as they have started to identify the importance of using a grammar checking tool. Slowly it has gained the trust to be the best writing aid for professional content writers. 

You might have at least watched their ad once on YouTube videos. Many YouTubers also highly recommend Grammarly for it’s feature rich proofreading capabilities. Grammarly has put more focus recently on developing a sophisticated AI that outperforms many of its competitors in finding more complex grammatical errors.

For instance, it can show you suggestions on words or sentences that are either too complex to read or too simple to insult the reader’s intelligence. Grammarly also can make suggestions on the word choices that are more likely to be suited for the tone of your writing. 

Below is a brief list of tasks Grammarly can perform, but it is by no means limited to these features.

  • It can proofread sentence structure and fix spelling errors.
  • It can find miss-spellings and auto-correct common typos as you write.
  • It highlights the most prevalent grammar mistakes bloggers and content writers often make.
  • It fixes the age-old problem with the usage of period and comma.
  • It can identify incorrect verb agreement and prepositions (e.g. on, at, in, for, at, to etc).
  • It can be used directly within your browser or Microsoft office.
  • It also has an awesome mobile keyboard app with the same proofreading capabilities.

Whether you are writing a blog post or paper for research purposes, Grammarly could certainly help you save countless time editing and fixing grammar mistakes from your writings. So that you can focus on the quality of your content, instead of stressing about the stupid spelling and grammatical errors you make all the time.

What Makes Grammarly So Incredible?

If you’re still in doubt to make any decision on whether you should opt for its premium package or not. Then hang on, as I am going to tell you about the standout features of Grammarly premium that could help you make your final decision.

It’s very good at catching grammar errors

It eliminates all types of typos that ordinary grammar checking tools either can not detect or too slow to be dependent on. It draws a red line below the faulty words that are either grammatically incorrect or need your attention. With clicking on the faulty words it shows a list of possible suggestions to fix the error.

It just works from everywhere

This might sound like a standard feature of all grammar checking tools but actually it’s not. Every writer loves to work on their own favorite software. Some use online tools such as Google Docs and some prefer the office suite of Microsoft Word. Grammarly has the options for both.

Grammarly Homepage
Grammarly Works From Everywhere, Both From Browser And Microsoft Word

Once you install the browser extension Grammarly starts fixing the errors in your writings right away. Be it on Facebook or Twitter, it just works on almost every website. 

It uses AI (Artificial Intelligent)

Grammarly adapts with your writing style as it uses AI (Artificial Intelligent) to identify the tone and intent of your writing, thus giving you the best possible synonyms of words without slowing down your writing speed.

Grammarly Writing Intent Tone
You can pick the Intent & Tone of your writings

Disadvantages Of Using Grammarly

Despite being a popular grammar checking tool available on the market, it also shares some disadvantages as well. Because it does not matter how good it performs in checking grammatical errors, still at the end of the day your writing only passes through a software.

Which means it severely lacks the level of understanding of the language than a human counterpart. Human proofreaders hold a solid understanding of the language that no grammar checking software can match.

Therefore, tools like Grammarly could easily miss out on the confusing language terms, especially when dealing with idioms. It simply can not process the true meaning behind a writing. It easily gets confused with words of double meaning. Take the following as an example;

  • My friend recommended me to buy this car. (Incorrect)
  • My friend recommended that I buy this car. (Correct)

As you can see that this type of grammar mistake only an native English speaker with proofreading skill can catch and fix. No grammar checking tool can fix such errors, at least not now.

Over-dependence is the biggest downside of using Grammarly

Most people nowadays take Grammarly for granted and become over-dependent on it for correcting their grammatical mistakes. However, they forget that no matter how good a tool could be, it can not fix the writing if their basic understanding of English is low.

This is particularly a major issue we find most in non-native English writers and bloggers. Instead of relying solely on Grammarly, they should focus on strengthening their basic knowledge of the language.

Some Question About Grammarly

Is Grammarly Free?

Yes, it offers a free version with limited grammar checking features. Most advanced features are locked with a premium subscription. They used to give a 30 day free trial of their premium plan that they have recently closed.

Unless you buy the premium subscription, you have to be satisfied with their free version. Although the free version has all the essential features you might need. 

How much does it cost?

It cost around $12 per month for individuals and $13 for a business. You can opt for monthly billing or yearly, it’s up to you. You can also cancel the service at any time if you are not satisfied with it.

Is it helpful for newbie content writers?

Yes, it’s worth every penny. It not only helps you find the most common grammatical mistakes in your writing, but it’s the fastest tool to scan the errors as well.

Does this tool share my content publicly?

No, Grammarly doesn’t publicize your content. Your writing is safe in your Grammarly account.


With more than 4 million active users worldwide it’s by far the best grammar checking tool available on the market. It works perfectly for bloggers and freelance content writers who don’t want to hire an editor to proofread the writings.

As a non-native English speaker, it works wonders with fixing over 250 grammatical mistakes that I often make while writing my blog posts. Even this post has been proofread by the Grammarly premium service.

It does not matter whether you want to write perfect content or just improve the overall writing by using its vocabulary suggestion, Grammarly tool is just for you. In other words, Grammarly is your personal writing coach!