How Lord Rama Died in Ramayana? Mysterious!

Lord Rama, the central figure in one of Hinduism’s most beloved epic poems, The Ramayana, ruled over the vast expanse of India for centuries upon his return to Ayodhya. During this era, his descendants, including his brothers’ sons, governed various regions, marking a pinnacle of ancient India’s greatness.

The land flourished under the principles of Dharma, experiencing unprecedented prosperity and tranquility. Yet, in the midst of this golden age, Lord Rama chose to depart his mortal form and return to his celestial abode, Vaikuntha Dham.

The original Ramayana, concluding with Rama’s triumph over Ravana, provides no account of his life post his return to Ayodhya. However, alternative legends discovered in ancient texts shed light on his departure.

One such legend, found in The Padma Purana, narrates an encounter between Lord Rama and an elderly saint who visited his court. Seeking privacy, the saint revealed himself as Kaladeva, the God of Time, dispatched from Vaikuntha Dham. His mission was to remind Rama that his earthly existence had concluded, prompting the fateful decision to return to his divine abode.

As Lord Rama conversed with Kaladeva, Sage Durvasa, notorious for his unpredictable temperament, appeared unannounced. Requesting entry to meet Rama, he faced resistance from Lakshmana, who, despite his brother’s instructions, found himself in a dilemma when confronted with the sage’s wrath.

Fearing a curse upon Rama, Lakshmana made a sacrificial choice, opting to enter the room against Rama’s orders. Witnessing his brother’s defiance, Rama, bound by his word, reluctantly adhered to Durvasa’s advice, exiling Lakshmana from the state—a punishment equivalent to a death sentence in that era.

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Overwhelmed by grief at losing his purpose, Lakshmana, unable to endure life without his brother, chose Jal Samadhi, immersing himself in deep water to end his own life. The devastating loss left Rama despondent and guilt-ridden, realizing that his time on earth had reached its end.

In a poignant conclusion, Lord Rama, after bequeathing his kingdom to his sons, walked to the Saryu River. There, he took Jala Samadhi, disappearing into the depths of the river. Thus, the legendary figure of Lord Rama concluded his earthly journey, mirroring the tragic fate of his devoted brother Lakshmana.

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