How Mohini Vashikaran Works With Examples

Mohini vashikaran is one of the most used tantra vidyas in the esoteric practices of tantrism, where people carry out some sort of secretive techniques to unnaturally attract someone who they love. There are dozens of vashikaran techniques, and mantras that you can find online or on youtube, but in reality, most of them are either fake or don’t work.

Although these types of vashikaran totkes look harmless on the surface, they also have a plethora of negative aspects associated with them. In addition, hindu society regards these as taboo or black magic. So, the genuine tantrics will always advise you to stay out of these experiments.

What Is Mohini Vashikaran?

In simpler terms, Mohini Vashikaran is an esoteric process by which you can cast a spell on someone to make them unnaturally attracted to you.

However, the actual applications and usage of this vashikaran vidya were much larger in the past during the days of kings or monarchies. The word “Vashikaran” literally means to get control over the mind, wealth, or health of someone.

And Mohini Vashikaran means getting the domination over someone’s state of mind. Nowadays, the younger generation is quite drawn to this type of vashikaran vidyas in order to achieve quick success, whether it is in making money or attracting the love of their dreams.

The Usage Of Mohini Vashikaran

Although Mohini Vashikaran is a tantric esoteric practice, its origins can be traced back to Lord Vishnu’s most beautiful female avatar, Mohini. When asuras and devas were in a major conflict, she used her allure to entice the demons (asuras) into giving her the Amrita (the nectar of immortality), which she then distributed evenly among the devas. Mohini was said to be so beautiful that even devas lost their minds and overflowed with lust for her divine beauty.

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During the age of kings and dynasties, whenever a prince was crowned, he was given a gem energised by the Mohini Vashikaran mantra. It was done to ensure that when ministers from other states used to visit the king, they could easily come under the influence of the king’s intellect, and agree to give their cooperation. However, in today’s time, this vashikaran vidya is often used to recover a broken relationship. 

How Mohini Vashikaran Works?

People have been practising this vashikaran since ancient times, they often cast the spell on their wife, husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law or the loved ones. The process of mohini vashikaran is very complex and needs to be done under the guidance of an expert tantric guru, and that too with a positive mind. 

The guru will give you a mantra that is either specific to your need, or a generic mantra which you can find online. Once the mantra gets initiated by the guru, all you need to do is follow the prescribed rituals with utmost accuracy. Soon you will see the results.

The Effects Of Mohini Vashikaran

The primary objective of vashikaran is to attract someone to you or to make someone fall in love with you. And that someone could be anyone, including your partner, spouse, ex, or someone who doesn’t like you for no apparent reason.

But one thing to keep in mind is that the person you want to cast the spell on should share the same kind of vibrational energy as you. Otherwise, the vashikaran is useless because you cannot make a movie star fall in love with you.

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Therefore, when you fall in love with someone but are unable to win them naturally, you can use this mohini vashikaran to persuade them to like you. This vashikaran is said to influence the mind of the person on whom the mantra is cast, causing them to fall in love with you. 

The mantra usually lasts forever, but if you notice the effect fading, you can repeat the vashikaran totke without any major consequences. One of the most significant effects of Mohini Vashikaran is that, if performed correctly, it has an immediate effect. You will notice that the person on whom you have performed the vashikaran will become much softer towards you.

Mohini Vashikaran Mantra

There are many mantras specific to Mohini Vashikaran, but the following are the most general and available for anyone to use without needing to seek any expert.

However, you should keep in mind that performing these vashikaran mantras, and rituals by yourself could leave you with a lower success rate. Even though the rules of these vashikaran mantras are subtle, if ignored, the outcome will not be as desired.

“Om Namoh Bhagwate Sarwa Lokaan Mohye Mohye Swaha”

For this particular mantra you need to sit where your face is in the north direction. Then lightup eleven candles in front of you, and chant the mohini mantra in your mind for a thousand times while thinking about the person you want to get attracted to. Do this for 21 days for better results.

“Aum Namoh Namoh Siddhi Mohini Vashikaranam Namoh Namoh Swahaa”

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You can chant this mantra every day while counting with a rosary. You must repeat the mantra one hundred times.

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