8 Signs How & When Kaliyuga Will End According to Hinduism

Hindu scriptures offer detailed predictions about the yuga cycle, particularly the ominous end of Kali Yuga—the final phase of this cosmic cycle. From revered texts like Bhagavata Purana to the insightful remarks of Lord Krishna at Kurukshetra, these prophecies provide a glimpse into the challenges humankind is yet to face.

This article delves into the foretelling of these scriptures, exploring the predictions for Kali Yuga and its unfolding phases.

The Cycle of 4 Yugas

Hinduism conceptualizes time in four stages or yugas: Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga. We currently reside in the first phase of Kali Yuga, witnessing the gradual manifestation of prophecies. The duration of each yuga, marked by distinct characteristics, contributes to the cyclical nature of cosmic evolution.

The Disruption of Social Fabric

Sage Vyasa, in his work “Shiva Purana,” predicts a profound disruption of the social fabric during Kali Yuga. Concepts like “ashrama” and “caste” will erode, and society will witness a disconnection from its cultural roots. Falsity will supersede truth, leading to widespread acceptance and practice of sinful activities. Intolerance, violence, and a diminishing belief in God will characterize this phase.

The Commercialization of Education

The traditional guru-shishya relationships will fade, giving way to the commercialization of education. Respect for teachers will decline, and filial piety towards elderly parents will diminish. Materialistic pursuits will overshadow spiritual values, reflecting the evolving dynamics of Kali Yuga.

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The Peak of Materialistic Attraction

Kali Yuga becomes an era defined by power and wealth. The possession of these attributes determines societal influence. Corruption among leaders persists, yet the electorate continues to elect them. Sacred relationships, like marriage, undergo a transformation into mere formalities, with lust overshadowing love.

More Division in Society

Society experiences increased division, with individuals identifying as elevated races. Spirituality becomes marginalized, while wealth becomes a symbol of righteousness. Kali Yuga fosters a race for social prominence, leading to heightened crime rates and a lack of trust among individuals.

Degradation in Food Quality

The consumption of animal meat becomes prevalent, and food quality deteriorates due to pollution. Lord Krishna’s prophecy in the Mahabharata about the increase in cow meat consumption aligns with a future where cows produce less milk, and the quality declines. Land fertility rates decrease, contributing to global food shortages.

Decrease in Average Life Expectancy

Kali Yuga witnesses a significant drop in average life expectancy, accompanied by the emergence of unknown diseases. Environmental factors such as pollution and climate change contribute to declining health and immunity. Premature aging becomes commonplace, manifesting in conditions like abnormal hair loss and premature graying.

Maturity at 10 Years of Age

A startling prediction emerges in the acceleration of aging, where individuals appear much older than their actual age. Girls reaching puberty at the age of 10 becomes a norm, signaling increased sexual lustfulness even in young children. Disturbingly, the rate of incest crimes rises at an alarming pace.


The prophecies of Kali Yuga paint a grim picture of societal, moral, and environmental decay. As we navigate through the early phases of this cosmic cycle, these predictions urge reflection on the course of human civilization and the values that shape our collective destiny.

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