The 8 Stages Of How & When Kaliyuga Will End

There are several Hindu scriptures that are well known for the detailed predictions it provides about the yuga cycle of the Hindu calendar, especially how the kali yuga (4th and the last yuga of its cycle) would end in the future.

From Bhagavata Purana, Bhavishya Purana, Skanda Purana, Kalki Purana to the actual remarks that Lord Krishna himself gave at the war of Kurukshetra offered a glimpse of the terrible circumstances humankind will encounter in the period of Kaliyuga.

From the prophecies described in these books, one thing is clear. That is – we’re still living in the first phase of Kaliyuga, and the most sinister event is yet to come. In this article, we’re going to discuss the foretelling of these books, and what Lord Krishna himself told Arjuna about the end of kali yuga.

The Cycle Of 4 Yugas

In Hinduism, there are 4 stages of yuga mentioned in various scriptures. They are Satya Yuga, Treta yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and finally Kali Yuga respectively. Each yuga has its sub-stages, but now we will not go into that detail.

Satya yuga has a duration of 4800 years which is dated from 11501-6701 BCE. Treta yuga has a duration of 3600 years and is dated from 6701-3101 BCE. Dwapara yuga has a duration of 2400 years and is dated from 3101-701 BCE. Finally, kali yuga has a total duration of 2400 years, which is separated into two sub-stages, each of 1200 years.

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Therefore, we are truly living in the first phase of kali yuga and already have started witnessing many of the prophecies and foretelling coming true. But as time will pass by, the nature of kali yuga will become more sinister.

The Disruption Of Social Fabric

According to an ancient Indian scholar, Sage Vyasa, and his consolidated work in “Shiva Purana” mentioned the disruption of the social fabric in the period of kali yuga, which will expand its course to a point where there will be no such concept of “ashrama and cast” left behind in the Hindu society.

People will forget their history and be disconnected from the cultural root. It will be the time for falsity to take over the truth. People would happily accept and practice sinful activities despite knowing the fact that they are doing something wrong. The peak of kali yuga will make them extremely intolerant, violent and their belief in God will dry out.

Murder and robbery will become the norm. Soon they would forget the names of gods, and will not participate in any righteous activities. In kali yuga, the handful of people who would rather choose to follow the path of spirituality will be seen as stupid and lose their solidarity in society.

The Commercialization Of Education

The age-old tradition of the guru-shishya relationships will no longer exist, and education will become more commercialized. Students will have no respect for their teachers, and people will no longer be interested in taking care of their old parents.

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The Peak Of Materialistic Attraction

Kaliyuga is the time of all about power and money. Whoever owns this two will rule the society. Leaders will be corrupt, but people will keep electing them otherwise. Marriage will no longer be seen as a sacred relationship and evolve into a formality. Lust will overpower love, and materialistic needs will become the driving fuel of a relationship.

Whoever holds more money will like to show off their position on the ladder of social hierarchy. They will also carry a large number of followers with them because of the power and influence that money brings.

More Division In Society

People will be more divided into groups, believing themselves as the most elevated race of all. Spirituality will become nothing but a mere word in the dictionary that nobody will have an interest in. Rich people will act like they are very righteous, and have all the traits of a potential future leader. 

Kaliyuga is the time where everyone races for the limelight, causing an increased crime rate. People would only make relationships based on power, and social status. Still, they would have no trust for each other, meaning one could backstab the other person for any minor reason. People will look for ways to not return the borrowed money, which would lead to more friction between relationships, and in-laws.

Degradation In Food Quality

People will start consuming animal meat as their primary meal. Food will lose its purity and be contaminated as pollution increase. Abnormalities of the weather pattern will cause massive food waste and shortage.

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One of the noticeable comments Lord Krishna made during the war of Kurukshetra, is that cow meat will become a massive part of the meat-eating culture. He also stated that cows will continuously produce little milk, and the quality of the milk will be decreased too. 

The land fertility rates will continue to decline which will cause a global food production shortage. People will be starving to death.

Decrease In Average Life Expectancy

The average human life expectancy will drop by a huge margin. Various unknown diseases will pop up from nowhere, and people will get sick very often. As a result, the average health and immunity will be dropping continuously. 

Our older generations lived a long and healthy life, but now this is not the case. Increases in pollution and climate change are constantly declining the average life expectancy of humans year by year. Abnormal hair loss and premature gray hair at an early age would be common scenarios. 

Maturity At 10 Years Of Age

Not only that, but people will also start aging crazy fast. Even 30 years old men would look as if they are in their 50. If looked closely, we could see the trend of young generations aging significantly faster than the past generations. 

Unfortunately, the trend will continue to the end of kali yuga, where girls will be reaching puberty at only 10 years of their age. Increased sexual lustfulness even in young girls and boys will be seen throughout society. The rate of incest crime will be increasing at an alarming rate.

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