The 11 Strict Rules Of Chanting Hanuman Chalisa

In the pantheon of Hinduism, there are many gods and goddesses, but Lord Hanuman holds a special place in the hearts of millions of Hindus. According to popular beliefs, regular recitation of Hanuman Chalisa while following the right rules could be the easiest way to please Lord Hanuman and seek blessing from him.

It’s no surprise that the beloved half-monkey god from the epic Ramayana has become a pop-culture icon for his distinct character and personality, and Hanuman Chalisa could be the reason for this.

What Is Hanuman Chalisa & What’s the History?

Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional hymn created in praise of Lord Hanuman. The Chalisa is actually a small part of an entire epic poem called Ramcharitmanas, which was composed by Goswami Tulsidas, an Indian saint and poet in the 16th century.

Due to his amazing work, he is also believed to be an incarnation of Saint Valmiki, the original author of the Ramayana. It’s actually Swami Tulsidas who popularised Lord Hanuman to the masses with his writing of this chalisa.

Although there are many types of chalisa created for different deities, devotees of Lord Hanuman strongly believe that it has a certain kind of supernatural and psychic ability to heal a disturbed mind.

Hanuman Chalisa is very easy to recite as it doesn’t contain any strong words like Vedic hymns and mantra usually have, which are extremely hard to pronounce by a normal person. It’s a collection of 40 chaupais, or verses, that were written in an easy-to-understand language, which is exactly the opposite of regular Sanskrit shlokas.

This might be one of the reasons behind the massive popularity of this chalisa. As I stated before in the post, the Hanuman Chalisa is not the only Chalisa in Hinduism. In fact, there are several of them – over 12 to be exact.

And just like any other chalisa, Hanuman Chalisa also comes with some sort of rules and guidelines that you should to follow while reciting it for maximum benefit.

Pronounce Each Word Clearly & Loudly

You should also be aware of your pronunciation, which should be accurate and free of mistakes such as skipping a word or two between verses. Many people prefer to chant Hanuman Chalisa silently in their heads, although it is recommended that it be spoken aloud for the best results.

Read Hanuman Chalisa Before Sunrise

When it comes to reading Hanuman Chalisa, there are no hard and fast rules. You are free to read, listen to, or recite it anytime and anywhere you feel like. However, if you would like to follow the preferred way of reading it, then it’d be before sunrise, that is between 4-5 a.m. It’s referred to as Brahma Muhurtham.

Tuesday Is Best To Please Hanuman

According to hindu texts and their age-old traditions, Tuesday is the ideal day to worship Lord Hanuman. It is recommended that you begin the 21-days Hanuman Chalisa chanting course on a Tuesday. It has been said that chanting Hanuman Chalisa and worshipping Lord Hanuman on Tuesday can heal all of its devotees’ sufferings and grant their wishes.

Apart from Tuesday, you can also chant Hanuman Chalisa on Saturday as it boosts confidence in one’s heart and helps remove the miseries and challenges faced due to the horoscope victimised by Shani dev.

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Shani Dev is said to be the god of misfortune, who brings distress, depression, and failure into people’s lives. Reading Hanuman Chalisa on Saturday is thus said to be beneficial.

Chant Seven Times A Day

It’s up to you, although if you’re looking for the preferred way of reciting Hanuman Chalisa, then seven times a day is believed to be ideal. However, some people also like to chant three times a day. 

It might look a bit confusing at first if you have no concrete idea of what would be the ideal chanting rituals for you. Don’t stress too much. Just consult a pandit or jyotisi and he will prescribe you with all the details based on your birth chart (or, kundli).

Once Started, Continue The Course For 21 Days

There are many variants of courses available when it comes to chanting and reciting Hanuman Chalisa to fulfil some certain desire. You can take a course of 7 days or 21 days, as these two are highly popular. 

However, keep in mind that these types of courses aren’t for everyone. People like you and me may not choose these courses, but if you do, it is strongly advised that you seek the advice of a pundit who can guide you through the details.

Don’t rush through the Hanuman Chalisa

It’s a self-explanatory term that doesn’t require any further explanation. When you begin chanting or reciting stotrams, slokas, or chalisas, or anything else for that matter, try to avoid instances when you don’t feel like reading or listening to it.

It won’t work, and hanuman chalisa is no different. Thus, take your time reading the Chalisa slowly at a steady pace, rather than racing to finish it. Remember, the more precise and clear your chanting is, the more effective your prayer will be.

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Place a Photo of Hanuman Before You

If you see a pandit offering guidance on how to recite Hanuman Chalisa properly, you’ll notice that they always recommend placing a photo or idol of Hanuman in a blessing gesture (aka; Abhaya mudra). I use this small idol of Lord Hanuman that you can get from Amazon.

Stay Away From Consuming Meat & Alcohol

Lord Hanuman was a brahmachari, which meant he ate only satvik meals. Therefore, meat, alcohol, and other tamasic foods are strictly forbidden for anyone undertaking a serious hanuman sadhana course. However, you may argue that this rule only applies to those who are under active sadhana practice.

You are accurate, but you came to this article to learn about the ideal method of pleasing Lord Hanuman in the first place. So, drinking alcohol or eating meat while chanting Hanuman Chalisa regularly would never have a favourable result. You must never eat tamasic food if you want the grace of Lord Hanuman.

Always Wear Fresh Clothes Before Chanting

It is not a specific requirement for chanting Hanuman Chalisa, but it is considered a general norm in Hinduism for executing any kind of sacred ritual. So, before chanting Hanuman Chalisa, you should always change into clean clothes. You can, however, listen to it at any time, but the rule only applies when you’re actively reading or reciting it yourself.

Rules For Women Reading Hanuman Chalisa

  • Don’t read hanuman chalisa when you’re on your period.
  • Don’t bow down to Lord Hanuman after reading the Hanuman chalisa, as Lord Hanuman sees every woman as his mother and doesn’t like women bowing down to him.
  • Don’t change clothes on hanuman idol as he is a brahmachari or celibate.
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Hanuman does not discriminate between gender, caste, creed, etc., and thus considers men and women as equals. Consequently, women are not considered ‘impure’ during their periods. Hence, the Hanuman Chalisa can be recited both during menstruation and on regular days without any distinction.

As a remover of obstacles, Hanuman is not known to create hindrances for the recitation of the Chalisa. It is essential to conduct thorough research before publishing any articles to ensure accurate and reliable information.

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Can I see and read the hanuman chalisa or without seeing


I feel sleepy while reciting the hanuman chalisa from the chalisa book what should I do?.


keep on going, he is please by thee… afaik once you are finished with day 7 or 21 the strenght will set you free

kattar hindu

recite hanuman chalisa while listening to the song, its much better, you will definetely not get sleepy again


i have a question, do i must sing it or i can just read it normally


Thank you. Do you have any
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kattar hindu

Brother I need help nothing going right in my life. One problem after another and no happiness. Please Advise? I am a Sikh guy punjabi but my sikh prayers are not working.


Just read Hanuman chalisa everyday twice a day in Morning… And go to Hanuman Temple every Saturday and chant the Hanuman Chalisa twice there…


There is no religion. All you need is to trust someone who has powers to heal . Rest the almighty has given power and potential to every individual. Which just u need to utilise when your emotions are at place . Pray to whoever u want ; pray dedicatedly and start practising to love yourself a lot and believe yourself a lot than anyone


Hanuman chalisa is best to get blessings of lord hanuman.