10 Strict Rules Of Hanuman Chalisa You Didn’t Know Existed

In the pantheon of hinduism, there are countless gods and goddesses but lord Hanuman holds a special significance among millions of hindus. According to popular beliefs, regular recitation of hanuman chalisa while following the right rules of it, could be the easiest way to please both lord Hanuman and Rama at the same time. No wonder, the beloved half-monkey god from Ramayana has become a pop-culture icon for his unique character and personality, and hanuman chalisa might be the reason behind all of this.

What Is Hanuman Chalisa & What’s Its History?

The hanuman chalisa is a devotional hymn created in the praise of Lord Hanuman. The chalisa is actually a small part of an entire epic-poem called Ramcharitmanas, which was composed by Tulsidas – an Indian saint and poet in the 16th century.

Surprisingly not many people know about it, because of his astonishing work, he is also considered to be an incarnation of saint Valmiki – the original author of Ramayana. It’s actually Tulsidas who popularized lord Hanuman to the masses with his writing of this chalisa. Although there are many types of chalisa for different deities, devotees of lord hanuman strongly believe that it has a certain kind of supernatural and psychological ability to heal a disturbed mind.

Hanuman chalisa is very easy to recite as it doesn’t contain any heavy words like vedic hymns have for example, which are extremely hard to pronounce by a normal person. It’s a collection of 40 chaupais or verses that were written in an easy to understand language, that is exactly the opposite of regular sanskrit shlokas. 

This might be one of the reasons behind the massive popularity of this chalisa. As I said before, hanuman chalisa is not the only chalisa in Hinduism, there are several of them – over 12 to be exact, as I was told once by a brahmin pandit in a temple. And just like any other chalisa, it also comes with some sort of rules and guidance that you need to follow while reciting it for the maximum benefit. 

Pronounce Every Words Correctly And Loudly

First of all, you should keep in mind that the actual motive of chanting or singing hanuman chalisa is nothing but to get connected to the consciousness of lord hanuman. Therefore, every chaupai or verses of hanuman chalisa should be read with a calm mind while looking at each line.

You also want to watch out for your pronunciation, as it should be accurate without making many errors like skipping a word or two in between verses. Many prefer to chant Hanuman chalisa silently in their mind, but it’s advised that one should recite it aloud to get the maximum benefit.

Read Hanuman Chalisa Before Sunrise

There are no such rules of perfect timing for reading Hanuman chalisa. You can read it, listen to it, chant it whenever you want, wherever you feel like. However, if you would like to follow the preferred provision of reading it, then it would be the time before sunrise, meaning at 4-5 am in the morning. It’s called Brahma Muhurtham.

Tuesday Is The Best To Please Hanuman

According to hindu texts and its age-old traditions, Tuesday’s the ideal day that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. If you want to start the 21 days of hanuman chalisa chanting course then it is advised that you should start off the course from a tuesday. It’s believed that chanting hanuman chalisa and worshiping hanuman on tuesday can remove all the sorrow of its devotees and your wishes may get fulfilled. 

Apart from tuesday you can also chant hanuman chalisa on saturday as it boosts confidence in one’s heart and helps remove the miseries, and challenges faced due to the horoscope victimized by shani dev. Sani’s said to be the god of misfortunes, who brings distress, depression, and failures into people’s life. Reading hanuman chalisa on saturday is thus said to be beneficial.

Chant Seven Times A Day

It’s up to you, although if you’re looking for the preferred way of reciting hanuman chalisa, then seven times a day is believed to be ideal. However, some also chant three times a day. So, at a first glance it might be a little confusing, but when you take a course of chanting it for a certain period of days then the pandit who you’d seek out for suggestions will prescribe you with how many times you should chant every day based on your birth chart.

Once Started Chanting Continue The Course For 21 Days

There are many variants of courses available when it comes to chanting and reciting hanuman chalisa for fulfilling some certain desire. You can take a course of 7 days, or 21 days as these two are highly popular. However keep it in mind that these types of courses are not for everyone. People like you and me might not choose these courses, but if you want to then it’s highly advised that you seek a pandit who could guide you for the details.

Don’t Read Hanuman Chalisa In Hurry

It’s a self-explanatory term, and doesn’t need any extra clarification. When you start chanting or reciting any kind of stotrams, slokas, or chalisas or for that matter, try to avoid the times when you don’t feel it reading it, or even listening to it. It won’t help, thus hanuman chalisa is no different. Take your time reading the chalisa slowly at a steady pace, without hurrying to finish it quickly. Remember the first point – the more accurate and clear your chanting is, the more effective your  prayer will be.

Put A Photo Or Idol Of Hanuman Before Chanting

If you see a pandit consulting on how to recite hanuman chalisa perfectly, you’d know that they always advise you to put a photo or idol of hanuman where he is shown in a blessing gesture (or, abhaya mudra). I use this small idol of lord hanuman that you can get it from amazon.

Stay Away From Consuming Meat And Alcohol

Lord Hanuman was a brahmachari, and always consumed satvik foods. Meat, alcohol and other tamasic types of foods are strictly prohibited for a person doing any course of hanuman sadhana. However, you may argue that this rule only applies to those who are under an active sadhana practise.

You’re correct, but you’re reading this article because you wanted to know about the preferred way of chanting the hanuman chalisa in the first place. Thus, drinking alcohol or eating meat while performing regular hanuman chanting would never give you the positive result. To seek the blessing of lord hanuman, you must never consume any tamasic food.

Always Wear Fresh Clothes Before Chanting

It is not a specific rule made for chanting hanuman chalisa, but it’s considered as a general rule for performing any kind of sacred ritual in hinduism for that matter. Therefore, you should always change to fresh clothes before sitting down to chant hanuman chalisa. However, you can listen to the others singing it whenever you want, but the rule only applies when you’re actively reading or reciting it yourself.

Rules For Women Reading Hanuman Chalisa

  1. Don’t read hanuman chalisa when you’re on your period.
  2. Don’t bow down to hanuman after reading the hanuman chalisa, as lord hanuman sees every woman as his mother and doesn’t like women bowing down to him.
  3. Don’t change clothes on hanuman idol as he is a brahmachari or celibate.