Chinnamasta Beej Mantra – Lyrics in English With Easy Meaning

If there are any goddesses in Hinduism who are equally shown as the fiercest as the Mahakali and at the same time as kind-hearted as Mahadev (aka, Lord Shiva) then it would be non-other than Chinnamasta Devi.

In tantric traditions and sadhanas, Chinnamasta plays an important role as she is the sixth manifestation of Dasa Mahavidyas. Her duty as a goddess is to stagnate any bad activities of the mind and to remove ignorance.

The word “Chinnamasta” literally means “She whose head is severed”. Thus the goddess got her name, where she is shown as the mother who cut off her own head to feed two of her daughters with the streams of blood coming out of her chopped neck.

Devi Chinnamasta in Hinduism

This goddess is not worshiped as much as other popular goddesses like Kali, and Durga to name a few. But if you ask any tantric sadhak about Devi Chinnamasta, you would hear a lot of praise of her being a goddess who is equally extremely hard to please and violent if not worshiped correctly.

I have personally noticed that the average Hindus are kind of afraid of Chinnamasta Devi, and other goddesses of tantrism. They don’t even like to put any image of this goddess in their house. However, tantric practitioners do worship her to acquire siddhis and supernatural powers. This goddess is also glorified in Tantric Buddhism and Jainism

Therefore, if you are interested in chanting this chinnamasta mantra, please consult a pandit or tantric, as there are countless events of mishaps that people have faced for not following the correct method of chanting the chinnamasta mantra.

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Chinnamasta Beej Mantra (छिन्नमस्ता मंत्र)

The full potential of the mantra can be utilized only by the highest level of tantric practitioners (aka, Sadhaks’). However, there is no harm in normal recitation, but please don’t chant the mantra with any kind of unusual desire, as it can easily backfire.

।। श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ऐं वज्रवैरोचनीये हुं हुं फट् स्वाहा ।।

Shreem Hreeem Kleem Ain Vajra Vairochinayee Hum Hum Phat Swaha.

There are countless other mantras, and stotrams to praise Devi Chinnamasta. However, these are the most popular and suitable even for an average person to chant without any extreme tantric rituals.

“ॐ हुं स्वाहा ॐ” 

Om Hum Swaha Om – This mantra is useful for increasing prosperity in health, wealth, and a calm mind.

“हूं श्री ह्री ऐं वज्र वैरोचनीये हूं हूं फट स्वाहा”

Hum Shree Hree Aing Vajra Vairochinayee Hum Hum Phat Swaha – Tantric practitioners chant this mantra to get themself free from their past sins.

“श्रीं ह्रीं हूं ऐं वज्रवैरोचनीये श्रीं ह्रीं हूं ऐं स्वाहा”

Shreem Hreem Aing Vajra Vairochinayee Shreem Hreem Aign Swaha – This matra is said to provide one with a superiour communication skill.

“ह्रीं हूं ऐं वज्र वैरोचनीये हुं फट स्वाहा”

Hreem Hun Ain Vajra Vairochinayee Hun Phat Swaha – The practitioners of this mantra get all kinds of hypnotic power.