Mantra & Stotrams

Throughout Hinduism, the use of various mantras and stotras can be seen. They play an important role in prayer, sacred ritual recitation, spiritual practices, establishing divine connection with God, or fulfilling certain desires.


Rama Ashtakam Stotram Lyrics In English With Meaning

Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the entire cosmic universe. All the avatars of Lord Vishnu, including Lord Rama thereby, were born to protect dharma (cosmic law and order) on earth.  Rama Ashtakam is a stotram written by Sage Vyas in the praise of Lord Rama and his divine legends. It’s very soothing to…


Narasimha Kavacham Lyrics In English With Meaning

The principal god of preservation in Hinduism is Lord Vishnu (aka, Lord Narayana). He is in charge of balancing the positive and negative aspects of cosmic energy. He is the only god among the Trinity of Hinduism (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) with the highest number of avatars mentioned in the scriptures, and Lord Narasimha is his fourth avatar. According to…


Chinnamasta Beej Mantra – Lyrics in English With Meaning

If there are any goddesses in Hinduism who are equally depicted as fierce as Mahakali and as kind-hearted as Mahadev (aka, Lord Shiva), it’d be none other than Goddess Chinnamasta. She is an important figure in tantric traditions and sadhanas because she is the sixth manifestation of Dasa Mahavidyas. Her role as a goddess is to halt all negative tivities….


Shani Chalisa English Lyrics In English With Meaning

In Hinduism, people often have multiple ways of performing a prayer to their favorite gods and deities. Regular recitation of a Chalisa is believed to be one of the easiest ways to praise a god and seek blessing from him. Therefore, singing a Shani Chalisa is said to be an effective way to bring peace and prosperity to one’s life….


Complete Shri Hari Stotram Lyrics In English With Meaning

According to the Vishnu Purana, Lord Vishnu (also known as Shri Hari) is the closest embodiment of the supreme soul. The literal meaning of the word “Vishnu” is very broad or dynamic. It also means something that has no end. He’s widely known for his association with preserving, maintaining, and sustaining the universe. This four-armed Lord Vishnu is one of…


Satyanarayan Aarti Lyrics In English With Meaning

Chanting of Satyanarayan aarti is believed to bring success and growth into one’s life. The aarti is performed during worshiping the Lord Vishnu, aka Shree Satyanarayan. He is widely known for his association with preserving the universe. Thus he’s also called the god of prosperity and preserver. The Benefits Of Chanting Satyanarayan Aarti It teaches about self-purification, and helps you…