Mantra & Stotrams

Throughout Hinduism, the use of various mantras and stotras can be seen. They play an important role in prayer, sacred ritual recitation, spiritual practices, establishing divine connection with God, or fulfilling certain desires.


Top 5 Powerful Mantra To Get Rid Of Enemies

Mantras are basically a group of Sanskrit words or syllables that may or may not have a literal meaning, but it’s a well-established fact that when chanted or uttered in a specific rhythm and style, mantras can unlock many psychological or spiritual powers.  However, not all mantras are made equal. Some are intended for doing prayers, some for performing sacred…


Top 13 Powerful Sanskrit Quotes With English Meaning

Sanskrit is the oldest languages in the world, making it an ancient language that human civilization ever used for verbal communication and to express complex thoughts. The modern day science also explores the possibilities of it as the most suitable language to express scientific ideas with a greater level of precision and clarity. One of the reasons Sanskrit is so…


Namastastu Rudra Roope Sanskrit Shloka Lyrics

Namastastu Rudra Roope is a popular Sanskrit shloka from the popular Mahabharat TV-Show aired on the Star Plus Channel in India. Despite the fact that the vedic hymn was composed using other shlokas and mantras, the audience enjoys this music for the energetic vibration it provides while listening to it. The first part of this Namastastu Rudra Roope shloka is…


Mohini Mantra – Its Benefits & Rules (Vashikaran)

According to popular beliefs, there are some mantras used in tantrism that are said to have some kind of supernatural ability to gain control over someone. The Mohini mantra is one such famous mantra. Practitioners of tantra vidya believe that if the required procedures of the mantra are followed with step-by-step accuracy, it can give them a certain type of…


Complete Narayana Stotram Lyrics With English Meaning

Adi Shankaracharya composed this Narayana Stotram in praise of Lord Narayana over a thousand years ago. Actually, Narayana is just another name that is given to Lord Vishnu by his devotees. In Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism, Lord Narayana and his other incarnations are regarded as supreme beings, responsible for upholding the cosmic law of Dharma. According to the Vishnu Purana,…