Hinduism is the only religion that acknowledges all the possible paths and religious activities to spiritual growth eventually lead to the realisation of divine truth.


5 Reasons – Sanskrit Should Be The National Language Of India

Sanskrit had always been the unifying language of India before the Islamic invasion started around 1400 years ago. However, some experts with vested interests argue that Sanskrit has never been used as a medium of spoken communication in the southern part of India. Even today, if you see, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam are the predominant languages of south India. So,…


5 Important Disciplines For Your Spiritual Growth In Hinduism

The popular notion of yoga that is often propagated to our minds through the online media doesn’t actually define the true nature of what yoga is. Although the world is slowly recognising the effectiveness of practicing yoga for a better and healthier life, it has failed to realize the root essence of yogic culture. Yoga Is Not About Physical Exercise…


Top 5 Powerful Mantra To Get Rid Of Enemies

Mantras are basically a group of Sanskrit words or syllables that may or may not have a literal meaning, but it’s a well-established fact that when chanted or uttered in a specific rhythm and style, mantras can unlock many psychological or spiritual powers.  However, not all mantras are made equal. Some are intended for doing prayers, some for performing sacred…


Complete Nirvana Shatkam Lyrics With Meaning

The Nirvana Shatakam is a Sanskrit stotram composed by one of the most adorned devotees of Lord Shiva, Adi Shankara. In this stotram, Adi Shankara has tried to condense the essence that all of the Upanishads teach. He has also shed light on the fundamental truth that we are all nothing more than pure consciousness. The Nirvana Shatakam stotram also…


Top 13 Powerful Sanskrit Quotes With English Meaning

Sanskrit is the oldest languages in the world, making it an ancient language that human civilization ever used for verbal communication and to express complex thoughts. The modern day science also explores the possibilities of it as the most suitable language to express scientific ideas with a greater level of precision and clarity. One of the reasons Sanskrit is so…