Learn Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world, making it the mother of all languages that exist today worldwide. It was spoken during the Vedic period, but lost its usage after the British took over India. Fortunately, in recent times, it has shown some signs of coming back to life as many people actively try to learn and understand this beautiful language.


5 Reasons – Sanskrit Should Be The National Language Of India

Sanskrit had always been the unifying language of India before the Islamic invasion started around 1400 years ago. However, some experts with vested interests argue that Sanskrit has never been used as a medium of spoken communication in the southern part of India. Even today, if you see, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam are the predominant languages of south India. So,…


Complete Nirvana Shatkam Lyrics With Meaning

The Nirvana Shatakam is a Sanskrit stotram composed by one of the most adorned devotees of Lord Shiva, Adi Shankara. In this stotram, Adi Shankara has tried to condense the essence that all of the Upanishads teach. He has also shed light on the fundamental truth that we are all nothing more than pure consciousness. The Nirvana Shatakam stotram also…


Top 13 Powerful Sanskrit Quotes With English Meaning

Sanskrit is the oldest languages in the world, making it an ancient language that human civilization ever used for verbal communication and to express complex thoughts. The modern day science also explores the possibilities of it as the most suitable language to express scientific ideas with a greater level of precision and clarity. One of the reasons Sanskrit is so…


Namastastu Rudra Roope Sanskrit Shloka Lyrics

Namastastu Rudra Roope is a popular Sanskrit shloka from the popular Mahabharat TV-Show aired on the Star Plus Channel in India. Despite the fact that the vedic hymn was composed using other shlokas and mantras, the audience enjoys this music for the energetic vibration it provides while listening to it. The first part of this Namastastu Rudra Roope shloka is…