Hindu mythology is a collection of myths found in historical books, scriptures, and other vedic literature, which contains an infinite number of epics, stories, poetry, and hymns.


The 7 Most Beautiful Women In Hindu Mythology

Hindu mythology is full of such female characters that are so impressive, beautiful, and charismatic that sometimes it goes to a point where we start to doubt their existence altogether.   However, if we set our doubts aside, these extraordinary female characters from Indian mythology (mainly, the hindu scriptures) may simply challenge our perception of beauty. These gorgeous female characters not…


Vishnu vs Shiva – Who Is More Powerful In Hindu Mythology?

Countless religions have come and gone since the beginning of human civilization, but Hinduism has always stood against time, making it the oldest religion in the world. Despite its antiquity, some questions never got solved. One such question is – Vishnu & Shiva are said to be the supreme gods in Hinduism. They are the holy part of the Trimurti…


The 10 Tantric Gods & Goddesses In Hinduism

For thousands of years, there are some sects within Hinduism that have been actively involved in esoteric practices. Their core beliefs on ‘mukhsa’ (free from the cycle of endless rebirth) contradict the traditional philosophy and teachings of Hinduism, which is widely recognized as the Vedic religion. In Vedic philosophy, the cycle of rebirth is solely based on one’s karma, but…


The 7 Differences Of Rishi, Muni, Sadhu, And Sanyasi

Hinduism and its spiritual ideologies are very complex and multidimensional when compared to the other religions of the world. That might be the reason most people presume Yogis, Rishis, Sadhus, and Saints to be the same, as they appear very similar to each other. But in reality, they are very different on so many levels. Their underlying beliefs, practices, eating…


Top 9 Scientists Of Ancient India (Many Are Still Unknown)

Indian science and technology were thousands of years ahead of the rest of the world during the ancient period. However, advances in science and technology did not occur by themselves. This ancient land gave birth to many great scholars and scientists throughout history as one of the world’s oldest civilizations. The contributions of these ancient scientists not only made India…


Top 7 Animal Headed Gods In Hindu Mythology

The concept of God first surfaced in the history of religion and culture shortly after humans began worshiping various forces of natural phenomena such as stars, rain, rivers, and animals. People in ancient India had no concept of gods or deities during the pre-Vedic period, which lasted from 2,800 to 1,900 B.C. They used to worship these natural forces solely…


Top 7 Hindu Gods Who Have Multiple Wives (But WHY)

Hinduism is the world’s third-largest religion, with over 1.3 billion active practitioners, the majority of whom live in India. This religion is very old and is thought to have begun around 2300 B.C., making it the oldest surviving religion to date. Hinduism has many fascinating cultures that make us wonder about it, such as the polygamy culture of Hindu deities….

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5 Lost Traditions Of India That Were Forcefully Destroyed

India is the land of the oldest civilization in the world with its numerous sets of cults, rituals, customs, and traditions. As the history of this land can be dated back to at least ten thousand years, it’s normal to have lost many of its original traditions. Today, these traditions have either been lost in time or disconnected from our…