Many religions have come and gone, but Hinduism (also known as Sanatana Dharma) is the only religion in the world that has not only survived the threat of extinction by foreign invaders, but has stood the test of time as the world’s oldest living religion.


Top 5 Famous Scientists Who Converted To Hinduism

The world has become more aware of Hinduism, and have gained access to a wider range of ancient Hindu texts than ever before. This causes a surge in the number of people who find themselves influenced by it. This trend can be seen most prominently among renowned scientists throughout modern history, where they publicly admit how texts such as the…


The 7 Differences Of Rishi, Muni, Sadhu, And Sanyasi

Hinduism and its spiritual ideologies are very complex and multidimensional when compared to the other religions of the world. That might be the reason most people presume Yogis, Rishis, Sadhus, and Saints to be the same, as they appear very similar to each other. But in reality, they are very different on so many levels. Their underlying beliefs, practices, eating…


Top 9 Scientists Of Ancient India (Many Are Still Unknown)

Indian science and technology were thousands of years ahead of the rest of the world during the ancient period. However, advances in science and technology did not occur by themselves. This ancient land gave birth to many great scholars and scientists throughout history as one of the world’s oldest civilizations. The contributions of these ancient scientists not only made India…

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5 Lost Traditions Of India That Were Forcefully Destroyed

India is the land of the oldest civilization in the world with its numerous sets of cults, rituals, customs, and traditions. As the history of this land can be dated back to at least ten thousand years, it’s normal to have lost many of its original traditions. Today, these traditions have either been lost in time or disconnected from our…