Gods & Dieties

Hinduism, being the oldest living religion in the world, offers an infinite number of gods and deities to pray to and worship. Some even say there are 33 million gods suggested in various hindu texts.


Vishnu vs Shiva – Who Is More Powerful In Hindu Mythology?

Countless religions have come and gone since the beginning of human civilization, but Hinduism has always stood against time, making it the oldest religion in the world. Despite its antiquity, some questions never got solved. One such question is – Vishnu & Shiva are said to be the supreme gods in Hinduism. They are the holy part of the Trimurti…


The 10 Tantric Gods & Goddesses In Hinduism

For thousands of years, there are some sects within Hinduism that have been actively involved in esoteric practices. Their core beliefs on ‘mukhsa’ (free from the cycle of endless rebirth) contradict the traditional philosophy and teachings of Hinduism, which is widely recognized as the Vedic religion. In Vedic philosophy, the cycle of rebirth is solely based on one’s karma, but…


Top 7 Hindu Gods Who Have Multiple Wives (But WHY)

Hinduism is the world’s third-largest religion, with over 1.3 billion active practitioners, the majority of whom live in India. This religion is very old and is thought to have begun around 2300 B.C., making it the oldest surviving religion to date. Hinduism has many fascinating cultures that make us wonder about it, such as the polygamy culture of Hindu deities….