Hindu mythology is a collection of myths found in historical books, scriptures, and other vedic literature, which contains an infinite number of epics, stories, poetry, and hymns.


13 Animated Films On Indian Mythology – Ramayana & Mahabharata

After seeing the financial success of producing animated films beyond mainstream children’s genres, Indian production houses are now attempting to create full-length animated films, both 2D and 3D, based on popular Indian mythological stories, particularly the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana, and their characters. Here’s a list of high-quality animated films made on Indian mythology. Ramayana – Legend of Prince…


Sunita – The Daughter Of Lord Yama In Hinduism

Not much is written about the daughter of Lord Yama (or, the hindu god of death). However, two puranas – Padma Purana and Bhagavata Purana mention her as the eldest daughter of Mrityu. Don’t be confused; Lord Yama is also sometimes addressed as mrityu (or, death) in serevel hindu texts. According to these puranas, Sunita (or, Sunitha) was the name…


Father & Mother Of Lord Shiva – Who Gave Birth To Him

Lord Shiva is one of the most well-known hindu-gods in the world. People know him best as the god of ultimate destruction, however a few ancient scriptures mention him as the resurrector of the universe as well. He is among the three most prominent gods of Hinduism (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva himself), also known as the Trimurti. Lord Shiva is…


Top 5 Facts About Yamraj – The Hindu God Of Death

Lord Yama is the Hindu god of death, dharma, and justice. He rules the realm of hell, also known as Yamaloka. He has quite a big influence on the core believers in Hinduism. Throughout India, Lord Yama is widely recognised by other names as well, such as Yamraj, Kaladeva, and Dharmaraja. According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Yama is in charge…