My Story – Why Have I Created This Site?

Hi, welcome to Kivabe Guide. I’m Shiba Prasad the founder, and senior editor of this site. Do you like stories, adventure, and exploration to the unknown? Yes! Great, because just like India this site is a little different, and need a backstory to unfold the origin and purpose of its creation.

The story starts in late 2020, one night I was surfing on the internet looking for some reference sources for my writing. It was a rainy night with slight lightning coming in rhythms.

The melodious sound of dropping rains on the fiber roof above my head somehow injected a pinch of creativity in the atmosphere. I then stopped my research, laid back and started to look for some interesting travel stories to read online.

While surfing through a dozen of articles I abruptly landed on a site that was talking about the confusing diversity of Indian culture and the difficulties she (the writer of that article) had to face on her initial trips to this country. 

According to her India is a very adventurous country and it has an infinite number of weird things that could easily puzzle up a first-time foreign traveler — mostly from western countries, of course!

Indian boat going for sea fishing
People are preparing their boat for a fishing trip.

Despite having so many obstacles, her dogged determination of exploring this new unknown land, its culture and traditions eventually made her love for this country two times stronger. She even wrote an entire book about her journey of exploring India in Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure. Her story was so inspiring that it gave me an idea of a niche site.

Kivabe-Guide has been one of my dream projects since then, where I explore this mysterious country and write about various things. From wildlife, animal, festivals, to places, culture, unique ancient structures etc. I’m sure it could help you get the most out of your visit to this unique country called, The Incredible India.

So next time if you plan to visit here, you’ll be well prepared for all the unexpected situations and questions that you’d never encountered before. The mission and commitment of the site here is not only to help travelers outside of the country but anyone who wants to know and explore this mysterious land to its fullest.

friends enjoying sun at beach
Friend and me on a tajpur beach.

India is unbelievably vast, both in terms of the sheer size of its landmass and the diversity of its culture, tradition, food, landscape, people, ethnicity, language, or anything you can think of that even we being native to this country don’t know our land in its entirety.

Maybe that’s the reason why people always keep saying “India is so different from anywhere else –  it’s like a whole other planet.” Therefore my only mission here is to make your exploration of this adventurous country a little easier.

A Little About Myself

My name is Shiba Prasad, a full-time content writer & travel blogger (if you consider this as a travel blog) from a small seaside village Ramnagar.

People often get confused and inspect me with a weird look, when I say — “I’m a full-time blogger” to their question what do you do for a living? I’m now getting used to it and even have started enjoying the fact that they think of me as an outsider — I kinda like it.

How I become a Full-time blogger?

In 2018 I was very distracted and clueless about my future, and I never seek out other ways to make my dream a reality – The dream of being free from the corporate hell.

Man working on laptop at playground
A typical life of a full-time blogger.

I’m not advocating that being employed is a bad thing. But when it starts to take away peace and happiness from our life, I think that’s the best time to quit. And as you have guessed it — I quit too. When one by one, all of my friends got employed, I was the one who was still looking around for other ways to make a sustainable living.

I tried many things to not end up being in the corporate rat race. I simply cannot bear the mental stress that comes with the corporate work culture. On top of that, I have no special degree that could land me on a high-paying job either.

I was pretty much stuck in my situation, and could not see any hope for a better life. Then in 2019, I started taking on some freelance writing gigs. The pay was good and I slowly began to think about starting my own site.

But finding a suitable niche was what kept me stalled for a long time. Not having any prior experience in blogging was also responsible for my dilemma. Researching or brainstorming for the possible niche ideas was not in my skill sets. 

Then came that stormy night and with its magical waves of thunder that somehow guided my subconscious soul to follow what I love the most –  adventure and exploration, and the rest is the history.