Kivabe-Guide was born (on January 16th 2021) out of a great fascination with Indian culture and its glorious Vedic heritage. Here, I try to answer some of the most often asked questions concerning Indian culture, ancient practices, its history, kingdoms, and dynasties, among other topics. In other words, this site features anything that is ancient or spiritual about the Indian vedic culture.

What Is The Philosophy Behind Creating This Site?

Hinduism (actually, Sanatana Dharma) is the true identity of India. It originally evolved as a way of life, and frankly, it still continues to do so even today. Thus, treating this great culture as just another religion has only begun because of the newly discovered religions (particularly the abrahamic religions) that have emerged in the last 2000 years.

Otherwise, there was no concept of religion existed in India before. After thousands of years of repeated invasions, looting, and colonization by foreign powers, the authentic culture of Vedic India (Bharatvarsh) is rapidly fading away. 

Through the site, I want to do my part in restoring the lost glory of ancient Bharata and creating awareness among people like you. I want to share everything I have learned by reading books and researching Sanatana Dharma. So that the present generation, who have lost the necessary connection to their ancient roots, can realize their true identity as the descendants of a once great culture.

Why Are There Advertisements On The Blog?

As much as I want to provide my readers with a clean reading experience, at the end of the day I also have to feed my family and pay the bills. Therefore, it’s impossible for such a blog like this to survive without a sustainable monthly income.

Thanks to the innovation in digital advertisements, I am somewhat able to earn the revenue to continue running this massive project.

Please Support Kivabe-Guide Financially! For the grand vision of the project, I am shamelessly asking for some financial help. If you’re able, please make a donation. Contact me or write an email at for the details.

Members of K.Guide

Shiba Prasad – Founder Of Kivabe Guide

Hi, I am Shiba Prasad, a freelance content writer who lives in a small village called Sankarpur. Truth be told, I was not always fascinated by Indian culture and its history. But in the last few years since I started reading books on Hinduism and its forgotten past, I’ve become addicted, which induced me to create this site.

Note: I am not a native English speaker nor a good writer. So if you happen to find any absurd grammatical errors or awkward sentences in my writing, please shoot me an email at 

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Shiba Prasad (He’s a chai addict)