Kivabe-Guide was born out of a great fascination with India and its glorious vedic heritage. Here, we try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Indian culture, its ancient practices, history, kingdoms, and dynasties, mythologies etc. In other words, this site would feature anything ancient or spiritual about Indian Vedic culture.

Since its inception, we have received a lot of emails from readers appreciating the work we are putting into creating content on Kivabe-Guide. Ultimately, this drives us to work harder and add more informative content to the website. 

Update: We started this blog as a place where we could share our findings about the history of ancient India. However, slowly it has evolved into a website where we can also write about other ancient civilizations and their cultures as well. If you have any suggestions or want to share your writings with us, please contact us here.

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Shiba Prasad – Founder Of Kivabe Guide

Hi, I am Shiba Prasad, a 25-year-old man currently living in a small village called Sankarpur. Truth be told, I was not always fascinated by Indian culture and its history. But in the last few years since I started reading books on Hinduism and its forgotten past, I’ve become addicted, which induced me to create this site.

Note: I am not a native English speaker nor a good writer. So if you happen to find any absurd grammatical errors or awkward sentences in my writing, please shoot me an email at [email protected] 

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Shiba Prasad (He’s a chai addict)