My Story – Why Have I Created This Site?

Kivabe-Guide has been created under a deep fascination of Indian culture and its glorious ancient history. The website also tries to answer the most commonly asked questions people have about various aspects of India, its ancient religions, rituals, festivals, kingdoms, dynasties, and of course, the sea of its mythological stories. Overall anything that I find interesting about India would be shared on this website.

Update: Even though the website was born to be a platform where I could share my findings with others about the fascinating history of ancient India, slowly it has now evolved to a website where I also write about the history of other ancient civilizations as well. If you have any suggestions or want to share your writings with us, please contact me here.

Since the inception of the site, I have received many emails from readers appreciating the work, which I am very thankful for. Ultimately this is what drives us to work harder and bring more informative articles to the website.

A Little About Me – Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Shiba Prasad, a 25 years old man currently living in a small village called Sankarpur. Truth to be told, I was not always fascinated by Indian culture and its history. But from the last few years since I read a few books on Hinduism, it got me hooked. I wanted to know more and more about the past of India.

Which motivated me to create this website where I could share my perspective on some muddled questions asked about India. I am not a native English speaker nor a good writer. So if you happen to find any absurd grammatical errors or awkward sentences, please email me at Still want to know more? Follow me on Instagram.

One Important Note: Although we tried our best to find the most accurate information, we are not the experts in the field. Therefore, all the content on this website is published in good faith and for general purposes only. We do not claim the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of the information. Learn more about our content policies here.