About Kivabe Guide | The Objectives & Goals

Kivabe-Guide came into existence on January 16, 2021, born out of a profound fascination with the tapestry of Indian culture and its opulent Vedic heritage. Our mission? To unravel the mysteries surrounding Indian culture, serving as your trusty guide to all things ancient and spiritual within the realm of Vedic India.

We’ve made it our purpose to address the questions that surface time and time again about Indian culture. Be it the age-old practices, the annals of history, the grandeur of kingdoms, or the stories of mighty dynasties – we’ve got you covered. In essence, our website is your gateway to exploring the enigmatic depths of Indian Vedic culture.

What is the Philosophy Behind Creating This Site?

The philosophy that drives the creation of this site is deeply rooted in the essence of Hinduism, or as it is traditionally known, Sanatana Dharma. India’s true identity is intricately intertwined with this ancient way of life, which didn’t simply evolve as a religion but rather as a holistic way of existence. In fact, it still breathes and thrives today, preserving its age-old wisdom and principles.

The perception of Hinduism as just another religion is a relatively modern construct, shaped by the emergence of newer belief systems like the Abrahamic faiths, which only surfaced within the past two millennia.

Before this transformation, India did not conceive of religion in the same way. However, centuries of invasions, pillaging, and colonization by foreign powers have cast a shadow on the authentic culture of Vedic India, Bharatvarsh, causing it to fade away.

Through this website, I’m embarking on a mission to contribute to the revival of the lost splendor of ancient Bharata. It’s a call to action to raise awareness among individuals like yourself. I’ll be sharing the wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired from extensive reading and researching Sanatana Dharma so that today’s generation, who may have lost touch with their roots, can embark on a journey to rediscover their true identity as descendants of a once-magnificent culture.

Why Are There Advertisements on the Blog?

As I strive to offer you, my cherished readers, an uninterrupted and ad-free reading experience, I also bear the responsibility of providing for my family and covering the expenses of maintaining this extensive project. Sustaining this endeavor is contingent upon securing a stable monthly income.

Fortuitously, in this digital age, innovations in digital advertising have opened up avenues for generating revenue, which in turn allows me to keep this site up and running. However, to realize the lofty aspirations of this project and take it to new heights, I must humbly seek your financial support.

If you find it within your means and are willing, I kindly ask you to consider making a donation to bolster Kivabe-Guide. Your support will be instrumental in ensuring the longevity and growth of this platform. For further details or inquiries about contributing, please feel free to contact me directly at shiba@kivabeguide.com

Your generosity will be greatly appreciated as we work together to explore the depths of Indian Vedic culture and heritage. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

About Me – Shiba (The Founding Member)

Hi, I’m Shiba Prasad, a freelance content writer residing in the quaint village of Sankarpur. To be candid, my journey into the world of Indian culture and history wasn’t a lifelong passion.

It’s a fascination that has blossomed over the past few years, driven by my immersion in the profound insights found within the pages of books on Hinduism and the untold tales of its bygone eras. This newfound addiction served as the catalyst that spurred me to embark on the creation of this website.

Shiba Prasad (He’s a chai addict)

Please note: English is not my first language, and I’m aware that my writing might occasionally contain grammatical errors or awkward sentences. If you come across anything that requires correction or have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me via email at shiba@kivabeguide.com

Your feedback is invaluable in helping me improve the quality of this website.

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