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Lord Yama, a significant figure in Hindu mythology, holds sway over domains encompassing death, dharma (righteousness), and justice. He reigns in yamaloka, also known as naraka, and is entrusted with the responsibility of meting out posthumous justice to souls. His role involves punishing sinners and rewarding those who have led virtuous lives.

According to the Shiva Purana, Lord Yama is described as the first mortal who was later elevated to the position of the god of death by Lord Shiva himself. In Hindu philosophy, it is believed that Lord Yama receives assistance from the five elements of nature in carrying out his duty of identifying and capturing the most sinful souls.

These elements are time (kaal), fever (jwara), disease (vyadhi), anger (krodha), and jealousy (asuya). Lord Yama’s overall demeanor and appearance render him a formidable deity in the eyes of many, leading people to feel anxious if they encounter yama in their dreams.

The 14 Name Of Lord Yama

Nevertheless, numerous devotees who worship Lord Yama believe that he can also act as the protector of their souls if they strive to lead a virtuous life and follow the path of dharma.

Therefore, Lord Yama, also known as Yamdev, is addressed by fourteen different names, each reflecting his diverse attributes as the god of death and the enforcer of justice. These names are invoked during Yama worship in various Hindu festivals, particularly on the day before Diwali.

Yama (यम)Chitragupta (चित्रगुप्त)
Dharmaraja (धर्मराज)Vaivaswat (वैवस्वत)
Mrtyu (मृत्यु)Kaal (काल)
Antak (अन्तक)Dadhna (दध्न)
Sarva Bhoot Akshay (सर्वभूतक्षय)Neel (नील)
Audumbar (औदुम्बर)Parmeshthi (परमेष्ठी)
Chitra (चित्र)Vrkodar (वृकोदर)
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